Info about 1.18.1

You can safely update to 1.18.1, as it’s backwards compatible with 1.18. Note on security: Our network is running 1.18 for now, but with the security fix from 1.18.1 back ported. Simply put: UPDATE YOUR GAME CLIENT TO 1.18.1 AND JOIN AS USUAL! 😀 Edit 2021-12-17: The network is now updated to 1.18.1. For those […]

Minecraft network updated to 1.16.4

All our Minecraft servers have just been updated to 1.16.4! Enjoy the latest and greatest! This update mainly adds support for Microsoft accounts, so our network is ready when Minecraft makes the switch and people migrate accounts. Furthermore, a new social interaction window was added to manage people (compatible with Microsoft accounts). And some bugs […]