Published on 2020-11-16

As stated on our homepage earlier, our servers were down for maintenance. But now they're back up!

We're happy to announce that our Minecraft servers are now open to the public (no more whitelist) and on top of that, we clustered them into one network!

What this means for you is that now you just connect to one server which will have you land in the lobby on first time connect. From there, you can teleport between servers seamlessly using commands! Best of all, once you teleported to a server it will be remembered and you won't have to go through the lobby again. But fear not! You can always return to the lobby with the in-game command /server lobby.

What this means for us is that we can add servers to the network without having to announce addresses and manage things on the public-end which will also make things easier for you!

So as recap, from now on you just connect to one server address in your server list, and we'll handle the rest for you!

Join today and let us know what you think! There will be signs and books with instructions in-game for more info.

Have fun!

Edit: To avoid confusion I am posting the server address here too (it's on the homepage):

- Sin