⛔ Do NOT

  • …break/burn/damage things that aren’t yours.
  • …steal/take things from other people’s chests, furnaces, etc. without permission.
  • …break the landscape for no good reason (let’s keep things nice looking, but you’re allowed to change it to build something).
  • …leave 1×1 wide towers around (used for building high structures, please take them down after use, or use scaffolding).
  • …leave trees floating in the air. It’s a classic.
  • …use bad language or insult people.

👍 Do

  • …be nice to others.
  • …play fair (no cheating).
  • …light up public places to avoid monsters spawning (this is more of a suggestion).
  • …have fun! 😁

These rules were last updated on 17th of January, 2021.